A suspected Boko Haram member in military uniform has been spotted in the images of those who welcomed president Goodluck Jonathan in Baga this week.

Studying the pictures with highlights, one notices the bearded man among some unusual looking men in uniform on the far left of the image.

Posed: Who is that bearded man in military uniform? Is he not a Boko Haram terrorist or was Asari-Dokubo part of the President visit to Baga? Who are the weird men in uniform on the left flank?

We must remind our readers that the military does not ever allow such a huge massive beard. The questions being asked are: Why did President Jonathan not visit Baga with journalists from renowned newspapers to give the visit huge publicity especially in light of the recent holocaust in that area? What is Goodluck Jonathan hiding from Nigerians? Who is that heavily bearded military man? Who are the other unusual men in army uniform on that side of the welcome pavilion? Was the visit a meeting between Jonathan and the terrorists’ leaders? What did they discus?

NewsRescue commentators said: We believe when they were taking the shots it never occurred to them that the bearded man in military uniform will appear and raise suspicions. And Nigerians should demand the military to tell us who those men are.

Nigerians demand answers,- if this was a negotiation meeting with Boko Haram or something because that was how Jonathan first lied that the meeting with Chadian president Idriss Deby last September was about ‘arms smuggling’ before later admitting after NewsRescue figured it out and exposed it, that the meeting was actually when they negotiated the scam ceasefire that led to thousands of Nigerian deaths. We need the truth. Did president Jonathan go to Baga to meet with Boko Haram terror leaders?

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boko jonathan

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Ahead of the 2015 general elections, a total of 14,505,729 Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) are yet to be distributed, latest data from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) revealed yesterday.

By the recent data released by the electoral commission, a total of 54,327,747 PVCs have been collected so far, at a rate of 78.93 percent.

The commission further disclosed that a total of 67, 206,600 PVCS have been distributed to the states.

The last data released by INEC on February 17 shows that 52,275,367 PVCS were distributed at 75.94 percent.

However, the data shows a difference of 2,052,380 (3.01 percent) between February 17 till date.

Nevertheless, Akwa Ibom State has recorded the highest number of PVCS collected so far at 1,587, 566 at 94.46 percent.

This is followed by Bauchi State,where 1,938,192, PVCS have been collected at a rate of 94.36 percent.

The lowest state still remains Ogun State, where 808,590 PVCS have been collected at a rate of 44.20 percent.

In Zamfara State, 1,397,296 PVCs have been collected at a percentage of 93.42; in Taraba State, 1,252,491 have been collected at 93.42 percent.


Independent National Electoral Commission

Issuance Of Permanent Voters Cards As At February 26, 2015


(a)     (b)                         (c)                          (d)                         (e)                          (f)

1         ABIA                     1,396,162           1,382,181           1,132,928           81.15

2         ADAMAWA        1,559,012           1,570,370           1,364,804           87.54

3         AKWA-IBOM    1,680,759           1,720,645           1,587,566           94.46

4         ANAMBRA         1,963,173           1,915,070           1,527,045           77.78

5         BAUCHI              2,054,125           2,024,340           1,938,192           94.36

6         BAYELSA             610,373               577,230               404,119               66.21

7         BENUE                 2,015,452           2,015,441           1,566,186           77.71

8         BORNO               1,934,079           1,544,612           1,320,667           68.28

9         CROSS RIVER   1,175,623           1,184,534           919,622               78.22

10       DELTA                 2,275,264           2,282,018           1,795,307           78.91

11       EBONYI               1,074,273           1,043,746           848,392               78.97

12       EDO                      1,779,738           1,784,404           1,197,829           67.30

13       EKITI                    732,021               813,871               505,829               69.10

14       ENUGU                1,429,221           1,434,511           1,169,408           81.82

15       FCT                       881,472               903,613               552,381               62.67

16       GOMBE               1,120,023           1,129,622           1,064,577           95.05

17       IMO                      1,803,030           1,772,129           1,352,554           75.02

18       JIGAWA              1,831,276           1,857,558           1,794,646           98.00

19       KADUNA             3,407,222           3,447,996           3,159,011           92.72

20       KANO                   4,975,701           4,827,236           4,112,039           82.64

21       KATSINA            2,827,943           2,809,910           2,620,096           92.65

22       KEBBI                   1,470,648           1,484,580           1,316,656           89.53

23       KOGI                    1,350,883           1,330,400           926,013               68.55

24       KWARA                1,142,267           1,153,109           858,623               75.17

25       LAGOS                 5,822,207           5,558,062           3,693,355           63.44

26       NASARAWA       1,242,667           1,228,098           1,026,657           82.62

27       NIGER                  2,014,317           1,981,183           1,642,144           81.52

28       OGUN                  1,829,534           1,387,401           808,590               44.20

29       ONDO                  1,524,655           1,501,694           1,073,904           70.44

30       OSUN                   1,407,107           1,569,368           1,021,169           72.57

31       OYO                      2,415,566           2,416,470           1,603,168           66.37

32       PLATEAU            2,001,825           1,812,704           1,430,852           71.48

33       RIVERS                                2,537,590           2,295,325           2,091,132           82.41

34       SOKOTO             1,611,929           1,650,081           1,428,098           88.60

35       TARABA              1,340,652           1,347,104           1,252,491           93.42

36       YOBE                    1,099,970           973,250               824,401               74.95

37       ZAMFARA          1,495,717           1,476,734           1,397,296           93.42

Total                    68,833,476        67,206,600        54,327,747        78.93


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Anthony Cardinal Okogie and other prominent Nigerians yesterday berated  President Goodluck Jonathan over the alleged plan to force the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor  Attahiru Jega, to go on terminal leave.

They warned that such a  move would have a devastating effect on the nation’s democracy.

The warning comes on the heel of the alarm raised on Thursday  by the  All Progressives Congress (APC) Senate caucus  about  the alleged plot.

Cardinal Okogie  said it would be wrong for government  to  get rid of Jega at this point in time.

His words: “If he is not due or not meant for terminal leave, which then would be an illegal move, then the court will have to look into it. Prof Jega has his fundamental human right. If he is not meant to be on terminal leave, then he can fight for his fundamental human right.”

Prominent  jurist, Professor  Itse Sagay ( SAN), said it would be rash and irresponsible  of government to remove Jega.

He said it would  not  be in the  best interest of the ruling party to allow this to happen.

“If they do that, they will scuttle the election and that will slide the nation into a  political and constitutional crisis.They should leave things the way they are. The polity is not owned by one person. It is owned by all of us,” he said.

Retired Police Commissioner Abubakar Tsav also feared that forcing Jega out  “will create a lot of problems.”

“ If Jega conducted  elections in other states very well, especially  Ekiti State and the PDP hailed him, why are they scared about this?” he said.

“If that happens, it means the PDP is out to rig the elections and obviously sees Jega as a stumbling block to the plan. They should believe in God and allow the INEC its independence to carry out this election.

“Any attempt to remove him will create confusion in the country. It will make the international community to see the country as unserious. In fact, it appears the ruling party  is scared of  General Muhammadu Buhari’s popularity.”

Lagos  lawyer, Festus Keyamo,  said of the alleged plot:  First of all, Prof Jega is not subject to civil service rules. So it will be wrong to send him on terminal leave based on civil service rules.

“Second, this would be the  second  brazen attempt to destroy the sanctity of the forthcoming elections,the first one being the postponement of the election, and this would be the second brazen attempt. And it will be a second one too many.”

He said any such move would cause trouble in the country.

“The civil society, the opposition party and Nigerians as a whole, will resist such a move. I am very sure of that, and they will protest against it on the streets of Nigeria,” he said.

He asked  President Jonathan “ not to use his ambition to destroy the country.”

Barrister Fred Agbaje, a constitutional lawyer berated Federal Government for not debunking the rumours which, according to him, has been flying around for over a month.

He said: “The story has been flying around in the last one month. Unfortunately, the Federal Government has done nothing to douse that perception. There is need to hear from the Federal Government about what they are really planning to do.

“The citizens are justified in their perception of the intention of the government to remove Jega under the guise of terminal leave. It has grave implications for the country. The fears are justified going by the antecedents of the government at denying things of this nature or matters that bother on national interest.”

Comrade Debo Adeniran, a civil and human rights activist, said  “the speculation is likely to be true because it appears the ruling party does not  like Jega’ s  position on the electoral process  as he is not compromising”.

In planning to remove Jega, he said, “the Federal Government  may be  trying to create chaos in order to extend the election by another six months and put the country in a state of  limbo.”

But he warned that : “the civil society will not tolerate such as we have already spoken against it. If they do this, the people will be enraged.”

His view was  shared by Comrade Shettima Yerima, President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, who said: “The plan  is not good for the country. If going by the constitution, his tenure is over, there would be no story about it. But if it is otherwise, it is unacceptable and we will resist it.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has denied  that the presidency was planning to sack  Prof. Jega.

Speaking yesterday, the supervising Minister for Information, Edem Duke, said the Federal Government was not planning to remove the INEC boss before the general elections.

Duke said the INEC boss would leave office in accordance to laid-down service rules.

He said: “On the issue of the INEC chairman, I align myself with what the president said that he has no plan to sack the INEC chairman.

“That is not to say that if it is time for the INEC chairman to naturally exit his office, then the natural course of things will not take place.

“It is like talking of a civil servant who has done 35 years or achieved the age of 60; we now begin to say that he must not retire or he must retire. I think all of that is in the terrain of the presidency and he has spoken.”

Duke also pleaded with the media to continue to do things that will foster peace and national unity, stressing that the media needed to be guided so as not to set in motion things that could endanger the unity of the country.


The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO) Friday alleged that the All Progressives Congress vice presidential candidate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo had sworn on oath to resign as vice president “in the unlikely event that the party wins the presidential election.”

This, PDPPCO, said would pave the way for the national leader of APC, Bola Tinubu to become the vice president and subsequently become president in view of the perceived health status of the party’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

In a related development, the APC yesterday condemned what it described as “the needless resort to sheer hysteria by the PDP and the Jonathan administration over the globally-acclaimed appearance” of Buhari at the Chatham House in London on Thursday.

Also, former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai revealed how former president Olusegun Obasanjo wanted Buhari to run under the platform of the PDP instead of late Umaru Yar’Adua in the 2007 Presidential election.

Director of Media and Publicity of the PDPPCO, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode at a crowded press conference in Abuja yesterday alerted the nation to the alleged “sinister plot by the APC to foist an ungodly agenda on the nation in the unlikely event that it wins the March 28 presidential election.”

He said the plot centred on Tinubu emerging as vice president as a prelude to becoming president.

Reading from a text titled: “APC is Selling a Dummy to The Whole World; Tinubu is The Real Candidate”, Fani-Kayode said: “Since the formation of the APC, it has been an open secret that Tinubu is its national leader and also its biggest financier.  The question that should agitate every Nigerian is why Tinubu has been investing heavily in the APC presidential project to such a point that he has single-handed produced the joint presidential ticket of Buhari and Osinbajo.

“It should baffle well-meaning Nigerians why Tinubu has decided to draft Buhari, despite his age, acrimonious background and questionable health status, into the presidential race whilst ensuring that his stooge, Osinbajo was foisted on the general as vice presidential candidate.

“The PDPPCO wishes to use this forum to expose the ungodly plan by Tinubu to seize the presidency of Nigeria by subterfuge. You will recall how Tinubu wanted to be the running mate to Buhari in spite of the nationwide resentment for Muslim-Muslim ticket that he and Buhari planned to foist on their party. Tinubu had justified the ticket by saying that competence was the important thing and not the issue of religion.”

Fani-Kayode alleged that when Tinubu and Buhari could not push through the agenda within the APC, he (Tinubu), after being given the opportunity to nominate a vice presidential candidate, decided to prop up his stooge in the person of Osinbajo.

PDPPCO spokesman continued: “Now the real reason Tinubu nominated Osinbajo has been made known to us and we hereby offer a public service to the Nigerian people by drawing national attention to it. Credible pieces of information at our disposal indicate that Tinubu has perfected plans to come to power through the back door.

“Tinubu, according to our information, has compelled Osinbajo to swear to an oath that after six months in office, he would resign as the vice president, in the unlikely event that their party wins.  The wicked plot, as laid out by them, is to force Osinbajo to resign for Tinubu to be nominated by Buhari as his replacement.
“The ultimate objective of this plot is to ensure that Tinubu becomes President. The script is simple: given the questionable health of Buhari, Tinubu who is desperate to be president for his own selfish reasons will simply bid his time in the evil expectation that Buhari will not be able to go the whole hog.

“How wicked can those that hatched this plan be?  How unfair can they be to the North, to Buhari and to Nigerians? We wish Buhari long life. Tinubu’s dangerous plan is about getting power. This is sad. No thoroughbred Yoruba man or indeed Nigerian wants to get power through the misfortune of another person.

“But this is the perfidious path that Tinubu is passing through. This is repugnant. It will interest you to know that our information is strengthened by the very similar act of resignation which Tinubu had planned to force on Pastor Tunde Bakare which you can all watch now.”

Fani-Kayode played footage on YOUTUBE of Pastor Bakare’s interview where he openly admitted that he refused to sign a resignation letter that would have seen him hand over his vice presidential position had Buhari been successful in his presidential campaign in 2011.

He said further: “Becoming the vice president is not the destination but becoming the president! The agenda of the cabal within the APC is with the perceived health challenges of Buhari. They have told themselves in hushed tones that he has prostate cancer, acute asthma and that he suffers from dementia. This is their assessment and not ours. We do not know how true this is or what the nature of his illness is and neither are we interested.  All these allegations of ill-health, to the cabal provide the justification for their evil plan.

“All structures around Buhari are all Tinubu’s structures. All the actors around Buhari that are driving his campaign behind the scenes are all Tinubu’s men. Most of the covert funding for this campaign comes from Tinubu’s friend outside the country and from Tinubu himself.

“So, if he becomes President, Buhari will become virtually incapacitated and he will not be the one running the government. Those behind this plan would now be waiting for Buhari to pass on. That is what Tinubu want to do to the North and to Nigeria.

“We have deemed it fit to let the whole world know why the leadership of the APC is desperate for power and why the cabal controlling the APC is hell bent to ensure that General Buhari becomes president. Our candid advice to Buhari is: Watch Your Back. Our prayer is that God will save Nigeria from desperate politicians.”
El-Rufai: Obasanjo Almost Imposed Buhari on Nigerians…

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai has revealed how former president Olusegun Obasanjo wanted Buhari to run under the platform of the PDP instead of late Umaru Yar’Adua in the 2007 presidential election.

El-Rufai who spoke in London yesterday said Obasanjo almost achieved his plan when he asked him (el-Rufai) and the former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nuhu Ribadu to approach Buhari and convince him to join the PDP, a deal Buhari turned down.

El-Rufai said that Obasanjo, who was at that time vigorously searching for a successor wanted Buhari by all means.

The former minister said he never had anything to do with Buhari, not until in 2005 when Obasanjo asked him to liaise with Buhari and open talks with him ostensibly to mend some fences first.

He said another occasion he met with Buhari was when he and Ribadu went to him to discuss how he could succeed Obasanjo as Obasanjo did not want to handover to Atiku.

El-Rufai said when they told Buhari their intention; Buhari told them that he had to consult with his political associates because he was not in the race alone.

“Later, Buhari told us that he was not interested,” el-Rufai said.
APC Condemns PDP, Presidency for Mocking Buhari…
Meanwhile, the APC has condemned what it described as “needless resort to sheer hysteria by the PDP and the Jonathan Administration over the globally-acclaimed appearance” of Buhari at the Chatham House in London on Thursday.

In a statement issued yesterday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said even when it was so apparent that the PDP and the Jonathan administration were so stunned and stung by Buhari’s well-accepted presentation,​ ​they could have saved themselves from further disgrace by simply keeping quiet, instead of exposing their inanities.

”For the spokesmen of the PDP and the Jonathan Campaign organisation to have rushed to the press to denounce what was a patriotic presentation by a highly-regarded Nigerian is not only absurd but a new low, even for those who have lost every sense of propriety in their public actions and pronouncements,” it said.

– Thisday


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Barely hours after Northern elders warned President Goodluck Jonathan not to attempt sacking the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, the federal government  has again come out to deny any such plan exists.

The denial is also coming on the heels of a similar allegation by the APC Senators who Thursday raised the alarm about a plot to force Jega to go on terminal leave next week. The general elections have been rescheduled for March 28 and April 11. The initial date for the elections were 14 and 28 February before INEC was forced to shift the dates on the excuse of insecurity.

Speaking on the allegations yesterday, the supervising Minister for Information, Edem Duke, who based his defence on the recent assurance made by  President Goodluck Jonathan during the last presidential media chat said government was not considering such plan to remove the INEC boss before the general elections.
Duke who is also the minister of Culture and Tourism however told  Journalists in Abuja that Jega will leave office in accordance to the laid down service rules.
According to him “the  issue of the INEC Chairman, I want to align myself with Mr. President on that. This is not to say that if it is the time for  the INEC chairman to ease out of office, the natural civil service law would not be allowed.”

Buttressing his explanation , Duke said that “it is natural for anybody who reaches the terminal date in service to ease out.” He however stressed that all the issues are ” within the terrain of the president and he has spoken.” Duke also pleaded with the media to continue to do those things that will foster peace and national unity; stressing that the media  needed to be guided  so as not to set in motion things that could endanger the unity of the country.


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Leaders of Ndigbo resident in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, have confirmed that they were given money by President Goodluck Jonathan during his recent visit to the state to solicit for their support and votes.

Making this known is the former President of Ohaneze, Lagos State, and coordinator of Goodluck Jonathan Support Group, Dr Oliver Akabueze.

He said that the president solicited for their support and asked the leaders to mobilise Igbos in the state to vote for him.
He explained that the money received was not a bribe but campaign fund to mobilise the Igbos in the state to vote for the president who is seeking re-election.

Akabueze also stated that the president donated a luxury bus for his campaign and that the bus must be fuelled and a driver must be employed to drive the bus around the state during the campaign for Jonathan.

Though he declined to disclose the amount of money the president gave them in Lagos, sources said it runs into billions of naira.

Investigation revealed that the manner the money was shared has divided the leaders. Some of the leaders are grumbling because some got more money than the others.

P.M.NEWS learnt from one of the leaders that while some got N500,000,  others were given N300,000 and N100,000 respectively.

Some of the leaders who spoke to our reporter but did not want their names mentioned, said the money has caused division as some of the leaders who felt shortchanged said they will not campaign for Jonathan, saying those who got more money should go ahead and campaign for the President.

Last week President Jonathan spent five days in Lagos during which he held series of meetings with various ethnic and socio-cultural groups and their leaders to seek their support for his re-election.

During his stay, he reportedly doled out billions of naira to the groups, though his media aide, Reuben Abati, denied that the president gave out money to any group.


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1. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country and largest economy, is at a defining moment, a moment that has great implications beyond the democratic project and beyond the borders of my dear country.

2.Given increasing global linkages, it is in our collective interests that the postponed elections should hold on the rescheduled dates; that they should be free and fair; that their outcomes should be respected by all parties; and that any form of extension, under whichever guise, is unconstitutional and will not be tolerated.

3.  Driven by patriotism, influenced by the prevalence and popularity of such drastic measures all over Africa and elsewhere, we fought our way to power. But the global triumph of democracy has shown that another and a preferable path to change is possible.

4. It is much more important that the promise of democracy goes beyond just allowing people to freely choose their leaders. It is much more important that democracy should deliver on the promise of choice, of freedoms, of security of lives and property, of transparency and accountability, of rule of law, of good governance and of shared prosperity.

5. Boko Haram has sadly put Nigeria on the terrorism map, killing more than 13,000 of our nationals, displacing millions internally and externally, and at a time holding on to portions of our territory the size of Belgium. What has been consistently lacking is the required leadership in our battle against insurgency.

6. Let me assure you that if I am elected president, the world will have no cause to worry about Nigeria as it has had to recently; that Nigeria will return to its stabilizing role in West Africa; and that no inch of Nigerian territory will ever be lost to the enemy.

7. But I must emphasize that any war waged on corruption should not be misconstrued as settling old scores or a witch-hunt. I’m running for President to lead Nigeria to prosperity and not adversity.

8. As a progressive party, we must reform our political economy to unleash the pent-up ingenuity and productivity of the Nigerian people thus freeing them from the curse of poverty. We will run a private sector-led economy but maintain an active role for government through strong regulatory oversight and deliberate interventions.

9. On March 28, Nigeria has a decision to make. To vote for the continuity of failure or to elect progressive change. I believe the people will choose wisely.
10. I have heard and read references to me as a former dictator in many respected British newspapers including the well regarded Economist. Let me say without sounding defensive that dictatorship goes with military rule, though some might be less dictatorial than others. I take responsibility for whatever happened under my watch.


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The name of the woman caught on camera paid to organise the anti-Buhari protest at Chatham House on Thursday has been revealed. She is a restaurant owner in Manchester by the name Abimbola. However, on Facebook her names are  Pweetie Goldie Abimbola.

On the video, she provided Manchester as her place of location in the UK. She owns a restaurant in Manchester known as Crystal Lounge.

The 32 year old Sonde has a history not too far from what she did for the PDP by hiring protesters to embarrass the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhamadu Buhari.

In 2014, she was fined £1,800 in the UK for dumping rat infested bags of curry and rices dumped near houses.

Abimbola Sonde was seen by council CCTV operators driving into a street and waiting while a mystery male passenger got out and illegally threw five black bin bags of food waste and packaging over a fence at 10.30pm on Thursday, June 19.

All were stuffed with the remains of rice and curry dishes from her restaurant business, Manchester Evening News reports.

Sonde pleaded guilty at a Manchester Magistrate Court and was fined £1,065 and ordered to pay costs of £634.68 and a victim surcharge of £107.

When interviewed by officials, Sonde said business was bad and she could not afford to pay for a trade waste collection contract.

She had been taking rubbish to the tip, pretending it was her own domestic waste, but a local businessman and one of her customers told her it was okay to dump the bags on the land, telling her the council would collect it.

She told officials: “I’m owning up to it. Honestly, there’s no argument. I know I’ve done something really bad from everything you’ve said so far.”

She added that she was ‘very, genuinely sorry’ and apologised to local residents, saying it would never happen again.

Pweetie Goldie Abimbola



President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday paid a surprise visit to mubi in Adamawa State and Baga in Borno State.

Both towns in the two states were recently liberated from the Boko Haram insurgents group who took them over in deadly attacks that left scores of people killed.

Accompanied by the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki; service chiefs and other personalities, the president a source said visited the troubled region to interact with soldiers in the battlefield and assess territories already reclaimed by troops from the insurgents.

It will be recalled that Jonathan had on January 15 paid a similar surprise visit to Maiduguri, Borno State believed to be the stronghold of the sect.

Prior this these visits, the president has stayed completely away from the region despite the repeated calls by Nigerians following the killings and destruction of properties by the sect.

The president applauded Nigerian troops for proving their mettle once again through the rapid recapture of territories formerly held by insurgents in the country’s North-Eastern states.

He assured the soldiers that they would be duly rewarded for their bravery and patriotic service to the nation at the successful conclusion of ongoing operations against Boko Haram.

Addressing officers and men of the Nigerian Army in both towns, President Jonathan declared that he and all Nigerians were very proud of the bravery, competence and patriotism with which they were now undertaking operations to expel the insurgents from all parts of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.

The President said that with their recent successes, which have overwhelmingly turned the tide against Boko Haram, the Nigerian military has proven beyond any doubt that it remains fully capable of defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

The military’s recent victories against Boko Haram, President Jonathan told the troops, have also proven conclusively that all those, within and outside the country, who cast aspersions on Nigerian soldiers and questioned their ability and willingness to overcome the insurgents were misinformed and wrong.

He assured the troops that the Federal Government would ensure they received all the equipment and logistics they require to complete the ongoing mission to reassert government’s effective control over all areas formerly held by Boko Haram.

The President promised the soldiers that all issues pertaining to their welfare will be properly and expeditiously addressed.

Families of soldiers who had sadly lost their lives in battles against Boko Haram would also be well provided for, the President further assured the troops.

The soldiers responded to the President’s address with chants of “Never Again” and assured him that insurgents and terrorists will never again be allowed to take and hold any Nigerian territory.


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