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Acclaimed representative of the Boko Haram Terrorist group who announced the ceasefire on behalf of the group, Mallam Danladi Ahmadu,  have Friday assured that that the kidnapped Chibok school girls would be released on Monday.

Speaking to the Hausa service of the Voice of America (VOA), Ahmadu confirmed that the talks between his group and the Federal Government have been largely successful.

He said the final meeting between the group and the Federal Government to seal the ceasefire deal is scheduled for Monday in Ndjamana, Chad, to be supervised by the Chadian President, Idris Derby after which the Chibok girls will be handed to him for onward presentation to the Nigerian government.

Ahmadu denied that the group was behind the latest kidnap of about 60 women and girls in Adamawa and Borno States blaming the recent incessant attacks on political thugs, armed robbers, kidnappers, hired assassins and other anti social elements who carry out their acts under the garb of Boko Haram.

He further assured that the groups leading the council are investigating the latest spate of attacks to determine if any of its members are involved.

Meanwhile, the Chadian foreign ministry has said it believed the deal to free more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram Islamists would still go ahead despite the breakdown of a truce, and revealed that the key to the agreement was a prisoner swap.

The truce mediated by Chad for the release of the girls seized from Chibok in northeast Nigeria in April has been called into question since it was announced by the Nigerian military last week.

A deadly bombing in northern Nigeria and new details about kidnappings at the weekend blamed on Boko Haram cast further doubt Thursday on the government’s claim that the Islamists have agreed to a truce.

A ceasefire supposed to be part of the agreement has been broken, and a further 25 girls were abducted this week. But Moussa Mahamat Dago, the No. 2 official at Chad’s foreign ministry, said it appeared some Boko Haram factions were refusing to abide by the deal, brokered by the Chadian foreign minister with two representatives of the Islamist group and two Nigerian negotiators at meetings in Chad on Sept. 14 and 30.

“Quite possibly those who are fighting are dissidents that even they (Boko Haram) aren’t able to control. So far, there is no reason for others to doubt this agreement,” Dago told Reuters late on Thursday in the Chadian capital N’Djamena.

“What I can say is that those that negotiated with the Nigerian government did so in good faith … We are waiting for the next phase which is the release of the girls.”

Dago said the two sides agreed verbally to a series of points summarised in a document he had seen, including the release of the schoolgirls and of jailed Boko Haram fighters.

The Nigerian insurgent group, which has fought a bloody five-year revolt mostly in the northeast, has said it wants to carve out an Islamist enclave in the religiously-mixed nation, Africa’s top oil producer and biggest economy.

“The starting condition of Boko Haram was the liberation of some of their members … That is the compensation,” Dago said, adding that the specifics on the names and number of Boko Haram fighters still to be released had not yet been agreed.

Dago said he still expected the girls to be freed, without giving a time frame. The Boko Haram negotiators were no longer in Chad although they had agreed to return in October after freeing the girls to hold more talks, he added.

The first stage of the agreement made was the release of a group of 27 Chinese and Cameroonian hostages by Boko Haram two weeks ago in northern Cameroon, Dago said.

“We remain optimistic. The two sides agreed to find a negotiated solution and to show their good faith they already freed some hostages and announced a ceasefire,” he said.

Dago admitted it would be embarrassing for Chadian President Idriss Deby’s government, which has taken a leading role in security and diplomacy in Africa’s turbulent Sahel region in recent years, if the girls were not freed.

“It would be very disappointing. We are engaged in this now. If this negotiation doesn’t succeed that would be damaging for Chad’s facilitating role,” he said.

The release of the girls would be a boost for Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, who faces an election in February and has been pilloried at home and abroad for his slow response to the kidnapping and his inability to quell the insurgency.

Boko Haram has not yet commented on the ceasefire. Its fighters have killed thousands of people in raids mostly in Nigeria’s northeast but have also claimed sporadic bomb attacks in the federal capital Abuja and the commercial hub Lagos.

Dago said he was confident that the negotiators had the authority to speak on behalf of Boko Haram’s mercurial and reclusive leader Abubakar Shekau, whom Nigeria’s military has more than once claimed to have killed.

“They are envoys who answer to their leader Shekau who himself confirmed that these emissaries spoke on his behalf. That was confirmed in writing to the Chadian government,” he said, confirming local press reports that the negotiators were named Cheikh Goni Hassane and Cheikh Boukar Umarou.

Chad does not know where the abducted Chibok girls are being held, but Dago said it was likely they were outside of Chad and spread out over a wide area.

The Chinese hostages freed earlier under the agreement were found scattered across northern Cameroon, he said.

“They (Boko Haram) gave us guarantees that the girls are well but we don’t know physically where they are,” he said.

“But they have certainly dispersed them like the Chinese hostages, who were spread out over a large area.”

The two parties planned to meet again for a third time in Chad after the release of the schoolgirls to draft a roadmap to tackle more fundamental issues, Dago said.

“For the next stage of negotiations, the girls need to be freed. We cannot go into details as long as this question remains and it is a requirement of Chad that the girls are released before we start the next stage of talks,” he said.

As reports emerged that extremists seized dozens more women and girls from the remote northeast — leaving a few dollars behind as a so-called ‘bride price’ — fresh violence rocked the town of Azare in Bauchi state.

A police spokesman for the state, Mohammed Haruna, said a bomb blast at a bus station in Azare killed five people, with their bodies “burnt beyond recognition,” and injured 12 others.

No-one claimed responsibility, but Bauchi has been attacked repeatedly throughout Boko Haram’s brutal five-year uprising, which has left more than 10,000 people dead.

Azare resident Musa Babale said the explosion on Wednesday “shook buildings” and sent locals rushing for shelter.

“The whole place was a mess,” he told AFP after visiting the site.

Several witnesses said they believed the bomb had been planted in a parked car, but police did not give details on the nature of the device.

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Son of former Head of State, Risqua Murtala Mohammed, has said that there were ulterior motives in the orchestrated widespread of a routine commercial dispute between his company and the Guaranty Trust Bank, adding that without the benefit of being heard, the matter generated sensation in the media.

A Federal High Court was quoted by some national dailies to have barred Risqua Mohammed from withdrawing funds from his accounts in any of the financial institutions in the country for allegedly failing to liquidate a N1.365 billion credit facility.
A statement issued yesterday by the Counsel to Mohammed’s company, AMG Petroenergy Limited, said the Court Order was an incidence common in commercial disputes and would not  have merited any attention.
The statement said: “It is a fact that a Judge of the Federal High Court granted various orders restraining our aforementioned clients from operating their bank accounts.  As the orders were granted ex parte, it is only upon further hearing that our clients will be afforded the opportunity of being heard in the advancement of their interests in the case.”
Clarifying the matter, Consolex Legal Practitioners confirmed that there currently exists an unresolved payment dispute between AMG and Total which has resulted in suit between AMG and Anor V. Total Nigeria limited.
It explained that AMG entered into a contractual arrangement with Total Nigeria for the supply of Premium Motor Spirit under the Petroleum Support Fund (PSF) Scheme, while Guaranty Trust Bank Limited, on behalf of AMG, financed the transaction.
“The repayment of the facility was to be made from “subsidy” payments received from the federal government. AMG duly supplied the products as contractually agreed to Total between December 29, 2011, and January 1, 2012.
Also reacting the Group Chief Operations officer of AMG Petroenergy limited, Ibrahim Baloni, said under the Scheme, importers of PMS, authorised by the federal government through its agency, the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) were entitled to look to the federal government for all short-falls (“under-recoveries”) sustained by them by virtue of their having sold (directly or indirectly) their imported PMS at the regulated “ex-depot” price.


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Ekiti has a new Government House which was launched on the eve of the departure of ex-Gov Kayode Fayemi. The new governor Ayo Fayose does not like it much and he has condemned his predecessor for being wasteful with the state’s resources.

Here is a defense of Fayemi and why he decided to build the Government House, as contained in a publication – ‘Leapfrogging Ekiti from Obscurity to Prosperity’

‘’The administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi in Ekiti State places much premium on infrastructure which it believes is a catalyst for modernizing the state.

Infrastructural development is the second policy thrust of the 8-point agenda of the Fayemi administration otherwise known as the “Roadmap to Ekiti Recovery.

‘’Desirous of being remembered for good by citizens of the State, the Fayemi administration conceived what it called “Legacy Projects” bequeathed to the generations yet unborn.

‘’In conceiving the projects, the administration took cognizance of the need to execute projects that accord with the needs of the government and people of Ekiti and critically also, positively project the Land of Honour in the comity of states in Nigeria.

‘’Not ready to be encumbered by the meagre allocations from the Federation Account as the state is 35th out of 36th on the nation’s revenue ladder, the administration secured a N25 billion bond from the Capital Market.

‘’Upon accessing the first tranche of N20 billion, the administration immediately embarked on the mission to change the face of the state with the Legacy Projects which the new Government House is one of them.”

According to Fayemi, ‘’Ekiti State has lived with the challenge of having a befitting Government House since the state was created on October 1, 1996. The first Military Administrator, as he was designated, Col. Inua Bawa (rtd), was holed-up in a borrowed apartment  before building an official residence with bricks sourced from Ire-Ekiti Burnt Bricks Factory.

‘’Successive administrations since then made do with some buildings in the Government House complex, including the present abode of the state’s number one citizen known as the Osuntokun Lodge. The fact that the Lodge lacked many facilities befitting of the residence of a governor and therefore “very inferior” to other Government Houses in the country, made the need for a new Government House in Ekiti very imperative.

‘’This inadequacy came even more to the fore at the death of the former Deputy Governor, Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka, with guests pouring in from all over the country to commiserate with the government and people of the state on the monumental loss. To add to the state’s sorrow, the governor could not receive two sets of guests at the same time.

‘’But that rather embarrassing experience has become history with the  construction of the new Government House situated on the Ayoba Hills in Ado-Ekiti, the new edifice, like the biblical “House on a Hill” can be seen from all parts of the city.

‘’While dismissing the claims of the opposition that the project is self-serving, Fayemi argued that the new Government House belongs to the people of Ekiti and not his personal property.

‘’He added that it would continue to serve as the official residence of all coming governors, long after he would have left office. The new Government House,  will go down as an important statement of the New Ekiti that the Fayemi administration has always thought possible: It is an Ekiti State that plays second fiddle to none.’’

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The First Lady has waved a final bye to her controversial appointment as a “Super” Permanent Secretary in the Bayelsa State Civil Service.

Mrs Patience Jonathan was said to have resigned following the collapse of her relationship with Governor Seriake Dickson.

Mrs. Jonathan is said to be displeased with the governor’s “leadership style”. She resigned to have the moral ground to confront Dickson ahead of the 2015 and 2016 elections, it was learnt.

In July 2012, five months after his inauguration, Dickson appointed Mrs. Jonathan as one of the 17 new permanent secretaries in the civil service.

Dickson said the appointment was based on the power conferred on him by Section 203 of the constitution.

He said it was in recognition of the First Lady’s services to the state and the nation, adding that she was a directorate level officer in the civil service.

Her appointment was, however, greeted with outrage by Nigerians who accused the governor of arbitrary use of constitutional powers.

Sources from the Ministry of Education said the 57-year old First Lady left the service voluntarily.

One of the sources, who pleaded for anonymity, said the ministry has computed her terminal benefits.

When asked the total amount of her terminal benefits, he said: “Well I don’t know. All I can tell you is that everything has been processed.

“The whole thing is political. It appears Madam Peace is not happy with the governor.

“I feel the President’s wife resigned to enable her to have the moral right to slug it out with Dickson ahead of the governorship poll in the state. Let no one deceive you, the whole thing is politics. After all, she is 57 and the retirement age is 60.”

The wife of the President has a National Certificate of Education in Mathematics/Biology, which she obtained in 1989 from the Rivers State College of Education.

She also has a degree in Biology and Psychology (Education) from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

It was learnt that by the resignation, the First Lady would be pushing with more force her battle to replace Dickson with her anointed son, Mr. Waripamowei Dudafa.

Instead of supporting Dickson’s second term bid, she was said to have preferred Dudafa, the Special Assistant to the President on domestic matters.

The First Lady was accused of influencing the posting of the new Commissioner of Police, Mr. Valentine Ntomchukwu, to the state.

When contacted, Chief Salo Adikumo, who resigned during the week as Commissioner for Education, said he was no longer the commissioner.

He said: “I resigned recently as commissioner to enable me pursue my political ambition. Please direct all your enquiries to the Ministry, “he said.

But, a senior official of the ministry confirmed the development and said it was true that the First Lady resigned.

The official, who pleaded not to be named, for fear of victimisation, dismissed that she quit for political reasons.

He said: “I can say Dame Patience Jonathan has voluntarily retired. But whether there is political undertone in her resignation, I cannot say.

“I think the First Lady felt that her continued stay as Permanent Secretary will be depriving others. Now that she has thrown in the towel, it will afford others the opportunity to take her position.

“Already, in accordance with the civil service rules, we have prepared all her entitlements. Whatever is due her will be given to her. She will also be receiving her pension.”

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The women amongst those abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents group from two border villages in Adamawa state have been freed by their captors. However, the girls among them were not that lucky as they have been reportedly married off to the insurgents.

This was disclosed in an interview by villagers, who spoke on the issue with newsmen on the telephone from their hide-outs.

They however, said that the exact number of those released could not be ascertained, but that no fewer than 45 girls were still being detained.

The insurgents had abducted about 60 women and girls from Waga Mangoro which was between Gwoza in Borno and Madagali in Adamawa states.

Relatives of some of the abducted women who were later released by the insurgents also, told newsmen in Yola that some of the girls have been turned to cooks while others were married off immediately to some of the insurgents.

A relative to the one of the women who spoke on the condition of anonymity said; ”Initially, the insurgents captured 80 girls and women whom they later loaded into their vans and zoomed off into the bushes.

Later in the night, the insurgents separated the elderly women from the girls and released the women, who are now languishing in the forest because they could not relocate the towns because they were razed down by the insurgents.

“We are confused that hours after the so called cease fire agreement between the Federal Government and Boko Haram insurgents, our girls are still being abducted by the insurgents.

“We are at a loss about government’s insincerity on the whole issue and we urge them to rescue our daughters without further delay as we are ready to die searching for our missing ones.”

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Despite optimism by the Nigerian government that its negotiation with Boko Haram militants will bring about the end of hostilities, intelligence reports in the possession of the military show that the Islamist militant group is plotting deadly attacks across northern Nigeria.

Sahara Reporters was exclusively told by a credible source within the military that Boko Haram militants are planning simultaneous and spontaneous attacks in the Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Bauchi, Gombe, Taraba, and Bauchi states.

The source added that the sect has immense plans to carry out the same pattern of attacks in Kano, Katsina, and Kaduna, and across Plateau, Benue, and Niger states, using several fronts and disguises in order to create monumental instability in Nigeria.

The source, a senior intelligence officer, said intelligence gatherings and movements in and around the north and across neighboring countries suggest that the Nigerian military should take immediate action and be very vigilant in the next few weeks.

The military source said: “I can tell you that despite all these talks, we are in receipt of intelligence reports heralding simultaneous attacks across the north with the aim of bringing the region down at a go.

“They intend to make it wide and to stretch us beyond capacity with deadly attacks across the north; we are in receipt of other details about their fortified capacity and movement across Mali, Niger, Libya, Somalia, Cameroon and Chad axis to get us on all angles.

“Many confessions of those we arrested at different battles zones and entry points into the country corresponded with the intelligence reports at hand.”

The officer said the military, in collaboration with countries in the Lake Chad region, had gone far in the preparation of establishing a multinational force that will come into existence by November, and the military in Nigeria have taken cogent measures to contain the threats unraveled by the intelligence reports.

Sahara Reporters deduced that the military are quite unhappy about this development in view of the much-publicized ceasefire agreement. Several credible sources have openly doubted the authenticity of the sect members purportedly involved in the talks.

Last week, Nigeria’s top military chief, Alex Badeh, declared a ceasefire with the sect over what Hassan Tukur, principal secretary to President Goodluck Jonathan, had said was a result of progress in talks brokered by the President of Chad, Idris Derby.

Since then, there have been reports of Boko Haram attacks and abductions, giving credence to speculation that the government is perhaps negotiation with an insignificant faction of the terrorist group.

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The Alake and Paramount ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo has expressed satisfaction at the rapid development and transformation the ancient city of Abeokuta, as witnessed in the last three years, by the Senator Ibikunle Amosun-led administration.

This was as other Royal Fathers showered encomiums on the governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, on the final day of the assessment tour of the 20 local government areas in the State.Oba Gbadebo in his remarks at the event which held at the Ita Iyalode, in Abeokuta North local government said, “we are here to testify that the past three and half years of Amosun’s government has been like 20 years of development in our State.

“We have come to appreciate politics of good roads, politics good schools and health facilities. We believe that the person who did all this within this short time will do more if given the opportunity because the best is yet to come,” the Alake said.

The Osile,Oke-Ona Egba, Oba Adedapo Tejuoso, described Governor Amosun as a beloved son of Egbaland, who has changed the face of Ogun State, urging residents to give him another chance to complete the good work he has started.


“The work he has started in three and half years should be completed. If they are abandoned, it will be shameful to all of us. He should be given a chance to return to office to complete his good works,”he stated.

The Agura of Gbagura, Oba Alidu Laloko, submitted that the present administration, led by Senator Ibikunle Amosun had made good, its electoral promises, describing the governor as a man of vision who does not need too much of ccampaign for a second term.

“Amosun has performmed creditably well. He does not need to campaign too much for a second term. His works will speak for him. If he has not done well, we will not come out to welcome him and show our appreciation,”the Agura of Gbagura said.

According to the Olowu of Owu Kingdom, Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu,”We are not resting our oars on our support for the governor’s good works. We still want to use our votes to send him on another four years of the rebuilding mission, to fully re-construct our roads and all sectors of the state.”

Responding, Governor Amosun appreciated the State’s workforce and residents for their massive support, which he said as brought about the success of the tour of the 20 local government areas in the state, assuring them that all the requests of various communities would be well attended to without delay.

“We have gone round to see the hardwork we have put into rebuilding our dear State and listened to your requests for further development. We have taken note of all that you have told us. Let me assure you that we will not let you down,”Amosun added.

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A coalition of northern youth groups on Thursday said it is planning widespread protests across the north-west to pressurise President Goodluck Jonathan against retaining his current vice, Namadi Sambo as running mate in the 2015 race.

The coalition of about six groups under the aegis of Northern Emancipation Network, said though it is working for the re election of President Jonathan next year, that would however not be achievable in the north if Sambo were to share the ticket.

A statement signed by the coalition’s coordinator, Comrade Tijjani Samaila Alhassan, described Vice-President Sambo as “political liability incapable of adding any electoral value to the President in the north.”

“We are concerned that another joint ticket with Sambo would inadvertently cost President Jonathan a lot in the north.

“This is because Sambo’s unpopularity with the northern voter that manifested since the 2011 polls has today deteriorated into outright unacceptability and rejection by the people,” the statement read in part.

According to the coalition, any attempt to market another joint ticket with Sambo would amount to an exercise in futility especially in the north-west which is likely to be the main battle ground in 2015.

The coalition recounted that Sambo had never won his immediate constituency from the ward to the local government which is why out of the 23 LGAs in the state, Kaduna North, where Sambo resides, is the only council presently controlled by the opposition.

“To avoid embarking on a futile exercise, we have perfected plans to flag-off widespread protests in all the capitals and major cities of the north-west to mobilize pressure against re-nominating Sambo as our representative for the vice-presidential slot.”

“We reiterate that we are committed to the success of the PDP and the re-election of President Jonathan but certainly not with Sambo,’ the coalition said.

The one of  vice president’s aides  contacted by Newsdiaryonline recently  maintained that there was no problem between Sambo and Jonathan and that the recent endorsement  by the PDP was for the  president and his vice president.

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By Okoi Obono-Obla

The other day some of my friends were praising President Good luck Jonathan and Liyel Imoke because of the fact that the Minister of Transport, Idris Umar visited Calabar to commission the contract awarded for the commencement of the dredging of the Calabar last week.

However my investigation has established that President Jonathan and Governor Imoke do not deserve any accolade because this is the second time contract in the last eight years to be awarded for the dredging of the Calabar Channel by the Federal Government of Nigeria. So, this latest one cannot not be a big deal.

There is yet no indication that this latest contract for the dredging of the Calabar Channel would be completed if past contracts awarded for the same project is anything to go by. So it is not yet uhuru!

It is only in Nigeria that when a road is constructed or when a school is built by government the people will start praising the President or Governor or Local Chairman profusely and showering accolades on them.

The former President Olusegun Obasanjo‘s administration awarded contract for the dredging of the Calabar Chanel in 2006 for to two Dutch firms, Van Oord Limited and Jan-de-Nul for N9.8 Billion. Van Dord got $25m to dredge from Kilometre 0-46; Jan-de-Nul got $30million to dredge from kilometre 46-84.

The project was consequently mired in controversy and litigation and substantial part of the contract was not executed by the two companies, who left the project site in December, 2006.

Until this moment nobody has questioned why these two companies abandoned the project!

It is also worthy to note that the Federal Government of Nigeria under the leadership of late General Sani Abacha awarded a contract for in 1996 awarded a contract for the dredging of the Calabar Channel in 1996 for the sum of N3  Billion but the contract was never executed.

The latest contract was awarded to Calabar Channel Management Company Limited for N20 Billion. It is not a big deal for the Federal Government to invest such money on the dredging of Calabar Channel. Recall that the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison Madueke spent N10 Billion to lease private jets on her wasteful globetrotting trips overseas.

So from my investigation the Federal Government of Nigeria between 1996 till this moment has spent the whooping sum of N32.08 Billion on awarded of several contracts for the dredging of the Calabar Channel project. It remain to seen whether or not this latest contract will be executed.

So awarding a contract of just N20 Billion for a project in Cross River State by the PDP controlled Federal Government, can never be adequate compensation for 15 years of our people unalloyed support for PDP.

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