Exposed: Why Rivers CP Mbu is Working for Patience Jonathan



When you see this case where a Commissioner of Police leave his office and run to the airport to welcome the wife of the president, Patience Jonathan, who has no constitutional office but exhibits so much power, then you should know that something is fundamentally wrong somewhere as is presently the case.

When a Commissioner of Police starts taking top security action without consulting the chief security officer of Rivers State, who is Governor Rotimi Amaechi, then you should know the CP is working for someone.

Governor Amaechi has finally revealed why CP Joseph Mbu is working for Jonathan’s wife…
In a chat monitored by OluFamous team on Channels on Monday morning, Governor Amaechi gave an insight into what is really motivating the “illegal” actions of CP Mbu who has been acting with impunity.

Amaechi disclosed that during one of his first meetings with the Commissioner of Police who was transferred to Rivers State from Oyo State, he discovered that CP Mbu was promised that he will one day be made the next Inspector of General of Police under President Jonathan’s administration.

Amaechi said the first sign of danger started after everything he (Amaechi) discussed with all the top security officers in Rivers State were leaked to Patience Jonathan by CP Mbu.

He said few hours later, Patience Jonathan, who has no powers to interfere with governance in the state, had a meeting with the security officers and gave them counter instructions. Amaechi said it was from that day he got to know that CP Mbu was sent to Rivers State to do a dirty job, which he has continue to do.

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  1. I’m nor surprised,the police is utterly useless,soldier everywhere guarding every installations,roads and towns including police station,so what is their use if they can’t secure and becoming security risks

  2. What sort of nonsence is that, for God sake how can a police officer be workng for an unconstitutional woman called first lady, use humiliate innocent citizens in the name of security.

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