Mandela: The Madiba That Rose From The Ashes By Odusote Oluwakayode


470x400nelsonMillions of people around the world have continuously paid respect and gratitude to Nelson Mandela as he battles for life in a hospital with remembrance of moments of a legacy of love, dedication, sincerity and forgiveness. As a victim of apartheid, he governed, forgave his enemies and proved the power of unity and forgiveness

Many sympathizers have chosen to hold vigils for Prayers, some have gathered with pictures and candles at the hospital where the great is being treated to show their love for the man that struggled with huge sacrifices to set them free from the burden of apartheid.

In the face of all the tales of woe that the blacks had to deal with during apartheid, the ascension of Mandela into political power as first black president of South Africa was never hinged on the claim of victory over the minority white population. He was praised for Presiding over the transition from apartheid minority rule to a multicultural democracy; Mandela saw national reconciliation as the primary task of his presidency.Having seen other post-colonial African economies damaged by the departure of white elites, Mandela worked to reassure South Africa’s white population that they were protected and represented. His leadership was not engrossed with egoistic tendencies to prove lordship

He led a nation built on the supreme bedrock of the governed for a collective success, and was bound by a common interest with sound political ideal. Mandela could have easily resolved to be a “sit tight” leader with the monopolistic knowledge and idea of governance just as we experience daily in some countries in Africa. Mandela’s presidency and life believes in a united South Africa by accommodating the large white elites.

Against the myopic vision of most selfish leaders, he had a belief that both black and white are connected as one people. After all, we are all human beings created by God. If leaders across African continent will be wise to see that the world they have the privilege to govern is not theirs, perhaps, wealth acquisition at the detriment of the poor masses would be forgone.

Madiba’s life should be relevant to teach us that there are no differences between blacks and white, Christian and Muslim, Man or Woman, Hausa or Igbo and Yoruba or Itshekiri etc. If our leaders could see what Madiba saw, perhaps, most of our young unemployed would be employed, most of our best brains would not run to developed countries for a better life, most of our infrastructures would serve for prosperity, our economic growth would translate to economic development, insurgency would not be witnessed as we currently witness

The success of a country is dependent on a leader’s ability to see beyond the present and the ability to see beyond self comfort

The problem of African leaders is seriously tied to power. They harness every resource to control at will by sponsoring violence. The gullible instruments of violence are most times not to be blamed for their willing submission to the pay masters. The need to survive had driven some as tools of war, corruption, “do or die” and apostle of hate.

Even when messengers of peace clamor, there are those both leader and the led whose ears have been blocked permanently to reason. They are always preparing to divide by every means available.

I hope Nelson Mandela’s story will say, teach, inspire, educate and deliver minds that there’s always a life to live- live it well. Madiba is gracefully old, he is ripe of age to be with his creator, yet his outstanding legacies are so much great that he would have been preferred immortal. Madiba never allowed wealth, race, religion, tribe and self to determine his delivery to the governed. He respected every human as equal owner in the project called a United South Africa.

The truth is that, the way Madiba regarded power and respected the governed is how Africa and her leaders should regard power- responsibility to deliver responsibly

Nelson Mandela’s life reminds us to believe and be optimistic. There are good leaders. It is not about blind optimism, it is about identifying such leaders. Madiba dedicated his youthful life to service. He was actively involved in his country’s development. It was not about getting political power.

The hope is in every individual’s commitment in building a better country. The belief that through our own little efforts in community development, social responsibilities and entrepreneurial skills, our nations can and will develop

A true leader in every capacity will not be selfish and sentimental. A leader must be accountable only to the led. A leader is not expected to amass and spend tax payer’s money recklessly and on personal ambition

In his quest for peace as a leader, Mandela personally met with senior figures of the apartheid regime emphasizing personal forgiveness and reconciliation, he announced that “courageous people do not fear forgiving, for the sake of peace.”His actions drew respect and were widely seen as a major step in the reconciliation of white and black South Africans; Mandela’s efforts at reconciliation assuaged the fears of whites

As a nation, we must learn that the journey to greatness will never been one of short-cuts. Nigeria and her leaders must be strong to face her daunting challenges with courage. We can’t move forward overnight. If having a national dialogue that will be encompassing is the best route to our peaceful co-existence, then we should be brave to have such forum.

Such a path may not be easy but it will be the best for us as a nation. The nation will continue to decay with continued display of elite arrogance of political might. It will suffer the more as far as the leaders prefer to ascribe unnecessary glories to themselves. It will continue to break apart the moment our leaders gather wealth for self satisfaction while the large population grapple with the brunt

We remain an endowed nation with natural and human resources. We have scholars, vibrant and strong youth population but our work force are wasting daily due to lack of a productive sector that is expected to engage their services. With outstanding scholars and brilliant brains, our expertises have been lost to brain drain, we can’t boast of a sector that manufacture. We are known as a nation that depends on other nations for survival

The story of Nelson should be a great lesson to our leaders that it is not the amount of wealth amassed nor the number of power gotten that makes a man great but the sincere will to be of service with desire to develop a people and a nation.

Nelson Madiba Mandela himself said “It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership”. In reaffirming the greatness of this great hero, it must be understood that it came with painstaking sacrifice. He did not get his respected greatness as a gift. He earned it.

Good Health I wish for you great Madiba!

Odusote Oluwakayode

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