Who Are The 5 Top Performing Governors In Nigeria?


Good day to you all.
First, let me introduce myself briefly – I am Perez working for an International Organisation in its Regional Office here in Nigeria, and we have been undertaking this research to find out the top 5 performing Governors in Nigeria. We started from 10 top performing Governors and from the votes we gathered, we cut it to 5. Every interested person is entitled to vote but at the end of it all we will come out with accurate results that will represent peoples’ opinions. It will interest me to state here some of the views and the rankings of the Governors base on the votes and information gathered so far. We will take opinions here and add them to the ones already gathered. Just vote or say your mind, and I plead that attacking or insulting someone base on his or her opinion is not allowed. Let mature minds vote, and let ones opinion be his or her opinion.
The result gathered so far shows their rankings as follows –
1. Rochas Okorocha – Imo State Governor
2. Akpabio Godswil – Akwa Ibom State Governor
3. Raji Fashola – Lagos State Governor
4. Oshiomole – Edo State Governor
5. Rotimi Amachi– Rivers State Governor
[b]5. Chime – Enugu State Governor (2 Governors battle for the 5th position)
Rochas – Many argued that Rochas has performed more than all the Governors pointing out that his one year in office has transformed Imo State, his Security votes cut down, road constructions, and Imo State University is virtually enjoying free education which no other governor has dreamed off, and employment created. They also stated that Imo State is paying the highest minimum wage in Nigeria despite its little revenue. They argued that if Rochas should have half of Lagos State revenue, Imo State will be like Dubai under Rochas administration . Kicks – Others see Rochas as pretending, stressing that he is just doing this to be considered as the next President or to get second term, and then come back and sell Imo state.
Akpabio – Many also argued that Akpabio has embarked on massive construction of roads, creating employments. They also believed that developments witnessed in Akwa Ibom State have never been seen in the state since its inception. They also said that for a Governor to perform well like this even when he is not coming for second term shows that he is not a pretender. Kicks – Others see his performance as a result of the revenue allocation which Akwa Ibom State is among the top 5 revenue earning states from the Federal Government.
Fashola – Many also argued that Fashola has performed more than all the governors that have ruled Lagos State. Infact, they said that his performance has dwarfed Tinubu’s when he was in the Office. They also argued that Lagos roads are being repaired from time to time and new roads constructed on daily basis. The BRT is working perfectly to reduce traffic on the Lagos Roads, and employment created. Kicks – Others argued that Fashola’s performance is based on the revenue that is allocated to Lagos, couple with his huge internal generated revenue, and inspite of this revenue, Lagos State University tuition fee is sky-rocketed to the level that the total money a student of Imo State University will spend throughout his stay in the University is lower than that which a student of Lagos State University will spend for only 1 year in the school.
Generally, the opinions maintained that the top 5 states have done enough to keep their states clean, reduce touts, and create employments, construct roads, carry the people around and finally, they are the peoples’ Governors.
The above are just few opinions of people for the top 3 contenders. For you, who is the best performing? Arrange them in order of your preference.
– Naira Land


  1. For me the best performing Governor in Nigeria is Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos state. That man had performed exceedingly well in all sphere of humanity. My order of preference is as follows:
    1. Babatunde Raji Fashola
    2. Godswill Akpabio
    3. Adams Oshiomole

  2. 1- Raji Fashola – Lagos State Governor: bcos ova d the we all have seen how his administration transfored lagos, people always argued abt internally generated revenue, it is not always about revenue,but how the pple of the state allow their revenue to be use, the population of the state, the mindset and attitude of the Indigenous. All these fact reflect on decision making, and fashola’s administration were able to deal with all that,

    2-1. Rochas Okorocha – Imo State Governo

  3. For me Kano State Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso is the first becouse of massive constructions of roads, flyovers & bridges. Constructions of class roams, new university north west also in progress. 500 students to go overseas 4 their Msc on scholership. Free food for primary students.

  4. Do to my own passpective and wht am ??????.????? on ground, I think rochas okorocha, bcos give ur pple free education is not an easy thing is D????? no 1

  5. ROCHAS of Imo State is best gov. His achivement for 1 yr alone has beaten what many govs have done for 4 yrs. His free education program to university level cant be done by any gov.

  6. to the best of my knowledge, i hav strongly seen the achievements of ROCHAS and if am not mistaken my word he deserved to be first.

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